Saturday, 5 September 2015

God said:
The day will come when generosity, without reminders, without thought, becomes a natural flowing of your honest heart, the same way laughter comes. You do not laugh on demand. Laughter just naturally comes. Feeling generous just naturally comes.
Generosity becomes a way of being, and it is natural and pleasant. Generosity just naturally comes as your consciousness grows. Generosity arises on its own steam. It is not debated. It comes without being bidden. It comes because your heart simply desires to go this way and not another. Your heart may not even be aware of feeling generous because this is what your heart wants to do, the same way you open a window when you want a breeze.

~The Keeper of Truth by HeavenLetters (TM). To sign up to HeavenLetters in different languages please go here:

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