Friday, 23 May 2014

Negative feelings are in you, not in your reality. Reality is just a reflection of these feelings. - Arnaud Saint-Paul #quote

"Reflection. There are a lot of people in the world who keep reflecting back to you the whole of what your vibration is, and you want that. We watch you, sometimes you say, “Oh Abraham, I’m so loving this, and my life is going so much better, but those people at work are soooooo negative.”
And we want you to realize instead that everyone in your life is reflecting back to you some of what you’ve got going on vibrationally and that, when they reflect it to you, it’s so beneficial because in the reflection you’ll get the emotional hit, and you’ll be able to know right here and now: Is this something that I want to continue to perpetuate, or is this something that I would like to turn my attention from?
And little by little by little by little by little, but faster than you’ve ever experienced motion forward in your life experience, you can… you are eliminating beliefs that aren’t serving you one awareness of one wobble at a time." ~ABRAHAM MAY 10, 2014 ATLANTA, GA <3 LOA

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