Tuesday, 13 May 2014

yoga is so great for getting in shape both mentally and physically- both are things that are important to strengthen #aritziacleanslate
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We are all born into this physical World with Infinite Intelligence flowing through us, and how we FEEL about something is our guidance from Source/God. When we quiet our 'monkey' {physical} mind, we can also hear any positive inspiration coming to us. Our FEELINGS were often ignored when we were growing up, so it can take a little time to get into the habit of trusting and tuning into them, but this is our gift from God/Source."<3 LOA

"I have a very simple rule of thumb on how to awaken our inner guru, and not give our power away. Even if the information is coming from an external source (whether a book, a person of authority, or the internet), if this information is making my heart sing, if it makes me feel alive and inspired, if it makes me feel empowered, magnificent, liberated and free, then it means that this information is True for Me, because it is speaking to my heart. This information is awakening my own inner guru.

However, if the information I am being given (whether from a book, the internet or a “spiritual authority”) is making me feel fearful, small, limited, or that I have to “work at earning spiritual favour”, then I run a mile in the opposite direction. Buying into other people’s fear-based, limiting beliefs and making them our own is what it means to give our power away.
Nature intended for us to feel strong, empowered, liberated and free; not fearful, small and limited!

Our only purpose is to fearlessly be a full expression of who we came here to be!
When we truly realize this, we will start to attract the right information, the right gurus, and the right teachers at the right time, who will endorse this truth." ~ Anita Moorjani, author of "Dying to be Me"

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