Sunday, 24 August 2014

sun salutation  ♥ ♥

Royalty in Royal Land

God said:

If you could see the light your soul radiates, you would gasp in amazement. To think that you, ordinary you and the world who may think you aren’t special, are actually a bright whirling Golden Sun that shines on the world. You can argue with Me about this, if you like, yet Truth prevails. I am aware that this is not the picture you see.
You see angst, and you don’t see the monumental you who is lighting up the world. You drag your feet and keep your head down, believing that this is a safe bet. Stuck in your cocoon, your light is hidden from your gaze and from others’ sight as well, many others, yet your light shines brightly even so. Beloveds, how could you possibly be darkness when you are a reflection of Me? The image for you to keep is an image of light blazing.

~Royalty in Royal Land by HeavenLetters

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