Sunday, 3 August 2014

"Judgements" by a art student, Rosea Lake reflecting how women are judged based on skirt length.

"Whenever you judge, it does not apply to the person at all, it can apply only to the act. And that act too is taken out of context because you don't know his whole life. It is as if you tear a page from a novel and you read it and you judge the novel by it. It is not right; it is out of context. The whole novel may be a totally different thing. You may have taken a negative part, an ugly part.

Your judgment shows something about you, nothing about the person you have judged, because his history remains unavailable to you, his being remains unavailable to you. All contexts are lost, there is just a momentary flash - and your interpretation will be your interpretation. It will show something about you. Seeing this, judging disappears". ~ Osho

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