Friday, 21 November 2014

Roar ~ Katy Perry
Photo uncredited on Pinterest

Time Is A Perceptual Thing. "You establish this pattern of thought and then Law of Attraction demonstrates it to you. Whether you're thinking about the 'past', 'present,' or the 'future', it's all irrelevant because it's all happening right NOW. What matters most is that your Source/Inner-being is focused right now. Your Source/Inner-being knows that EVERY bit of CONTRAST {negative/positive experience} led to your greater expansion, which is why when you think about something in your 'past' and feel 'bad' about it,  your Source/Inner-being will never join you in that 'negative' emotion, and what you are FEELING is the discord between the human part of you, and what your Source/Soul/Inner-being Knows You To Be." ~ Abraham <3 LOA

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