Tuesday, 18 November 2014

"We acknowledge you as the true creators of your reality. We observe that this ability, this awareness and this knowledge have been suppressed in the collective understanding of who you truly are. Our messages have always been offered to empower you and encourage you to own the understanding that you are a multidimensional divine presence here in physical form.

Imagine that this reality and this dimension are created by the energy, thoughts, beliefs and emotions of the entire collective. Your life and experiences have been created by your personal energy, thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

This is an ability, a skill, that you have never been taught. When you entered this life as an infant, because a physical vehicle is required in this dimension, no one informed you that you were a master, a creator of realities; you just stepped into the limited beliefs of your family, the community and the collective consciousness. There is no judgment here concerning this truth."

~Seeding the Quantum Field by Peggy Black and the ‘team’

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