Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The PRESENT is not the result of the PAST. The PRESENT is the result of the PRESENT.

The Now Tree mind map created by Paul Foreman will help you come back to the present moment. The past and future are created through thought. Present moment awareness offers you a richer life experience every second of the day. The mind map breaks down examples of the “now” moment and serves as a reminder to come back to the present.

You Receive What You Believe. "Creation occurs only in the PRESENT. The PRESENT is the Now result of what you Now believe to be most true for you.   Continuity from one present moment to the next is considered "normal", but is actually optional: If you suddenly make a discrete shift in beliefs, you will experience a sudden discrete shift in your Now reality.  

The past has absolutely no effect on the present - except to the extent that you believe it does."~ Bashar <3 LOA

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