Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Let your inner light shine.

"Our Source connection is the most powerful connection we have. It is what lights our path and fuels our life purpose of healing, transformation, ascension and evolution. But we find it hard to wrap our heads around how we're worthy of this because we think it's special or unique. It isn't. We're an emanation, an offshoot, or expression, of God (which the bible describes as being a 'child of God' and I think that's a deliberate mistranslation). I explained this to a client this way - you're the lamp and Source/God is the light bulb. The lamp is useless without the light bulb, and the light bulb is useless without the lamp. You shine your light the most powerfully, as a lamp, when you have a light bulb. Without it, you're not able to shine at all. Be the lamp and choose the brightest possible light bulb by allowing the highest expression of your Source connection to be part of your path."~ Jennifer Hoffman

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