Wednesday, 16 April 2014

You don't have to work at striving to become a High Vibrational Being of Light. That is what you are. You come from the Light, the Light is within you now and always, and at the end of this journey through life, you will return Home to the Light. All you have to do is become Self-Aware, remove, and release anything that does not resonate with the Glorious Being of Light that you already are, right this very moment. Not someday, but Now. -Bella
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"You are vibrational/energetic beings emanating a continuous signal {except when you sleep} which the Law of Attraction is always responding to. So, when you look at something in your experience and say that is, 'true,' what you are looking at is something that someone else has focused on and made 'true' for themselves, or something that you have focused your attention on and made 'true' for you i.e. it is a thought that has been thought about long enough for the LOA to manifest it into the physical reality. You have the ability to CHOOSE what you focus your attention on, and use the momentum of the Law of Attraction to draw it to you."~Abraham <3 LOA

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