Saturday, 11 October 2014

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A Vision for Perfection

We see a world where we all see the perfection in everyone else; where all judgments have been abandoned in light of us having sent our egos on a well needed vacation. By the same token, we also see the perfection in every situation, in every challenge, in every circumstance in our lives. We know, full well, that every experience is ultimately leading us to the place we are intending to go - and that is to our greatest happiness and joy.

Accordingly, we have come to realize that everything in our world is Divinely Guided; that it is all being orchestrated on our behalf; and that nothing is out of place. There are no mistakes, no errors, no missteps, no wrong-doing - and never have been. It's all perfect just the way it is.

Now, we can breathe a deep sigh of relief, knowing that it's all going to turn out fine. Indeed, God knows exactly what She's doing.

~The Intenders of the Highest Good; Vision Alignment Project

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